Why Bangkok Property Is So Attractive

14 Feb 2019
Why Bangkok Property Is So Attractive
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Bangkok is the most visited city in the world, for the third year in a row. Bangkok ranks as the top city in the world for international visitors, both for vacation and business travel. The city is known for its magnificent ancient temples that stand tall in the middle of the modern bustling city. It is also the most populous city in Thailand and attracts millions of tourists every year. More than its captivating architectures, here’s why you should get a Bangkok property investment:

Fastest-growing City
Bangkok is ranked the top 10 emerging world cities, according to new research from real-estate consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). In the past years, Bangkok has undergone several major infrastructure developments including the expansion of mass transit lines (BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway), Eastern Economy Corridor (EEC) Development Plan under scheme of Thailand 4.0, China’s Belt & Road impact, Japan Plus One Policy, High-Speed Rail Linked 3 Airport Projects and more. Within the capital, investors look to the core areas that constitute Bangkok’s most promising investment opportunities, thanks to their unrivaled access to area likes Sukhumvit to Bangna, Rama9 to Ladphrao, Sathorn to Riverside etc

Hub of Asean
As the geographic heart of ASEAN, Thailand is regarded as the largest growing economic market and serves as a gateway to Southeast Asia connected to the world. With its strategic location, unique advantages and the city’s appeal, Bangkok is positioned for huge growth in its property sector, attracting overseas investment and regional headquarters keen to tap into the city’s economic potential.

Connective to Global
It would be important to know where a country stands with the major global economies in the world. This can be an accurate barometer of where its economy should be heading in the years ahead. Singapore did well to firm up free trade agreements which facilitated a boom in its economy. Other open economies like Hong Kong have benefited from such open acceptance to working with outsiders as well.
It would be important to take note of ASEAN’s inter-connectivity and cooperation as a trading bloc and its acceptance to embrace the growth of China as a major trading partner. Bangkok is right in the middle of the Pan-Asia Railway Network. This is a network of railways being planned or constructed what would connect China, and all the countries of mainland Southeast Asia. Geographically Bangkok is right in the middle of this major trading line and please note that these points constitute a strong case for property value gain by investing in Bangkok and Pattaya.
Potential Real Estate
Certain Condo Developers in the Capital, have cultivated appealing and desirable brand identities that allow their Projects to standout. Condominium ownership is generally perceived as a status symbol locally and therefore having a property in a development by a famous builder is usually a positive factor for both the resale and rental market.

On a practical level, the established developers (I.e. Supalai, Noble, AP) tend to have more development experience; therefore they generally tend to design and develop projects with impressive facilities, functional floor plans and comfortable unit layouts. Generally producing developments with overall better building standard and design.

Location Preferences
Properties situated within 200m to 500m of the Mass Rapid Transit stations or BTS skytrain stations typically get better reception in Bangkok real estate despite relatively higher prices. Bangkok condos near interchanges are said to be more in demand. due to bad traffic and convenient commutes from the outskirts to Bangkok on the daily. Expatriates, however, look for condos near the BTS skytrain, their workplace, and amenities such as schools, shops and restaurants.

This trend shares similarity to the Singapore Hong Kong Taiwan Japan property market where buying interest is high in properties around or near MRT interchanges. Younger Thais especially seek more car-free urban lifestyles and a different social experience; more and more of them want to live in the center of the city. These tenants/buyers generally like the less expensive, smaller, well branded condos on the train lines. These trends are floating sales prices and rental returns for all condo segments in Bangkok.

Thailand property is without a doubt an excellent overseas property investment. Investors who are looking for healthy rental returns should look into Bangkok and Pattaya condos situated in locations that are popular to tenants.

Rental Yields and Occupancy Rate
Bangkok’s rental market is definitely a “tenant’s market” with potential tenants spoilt with a variety of rental options. It is important to note that Bangkok is Thailand’s main urban center, continuously accommodating an influx of working professionals (Thai and Expat) that results in an expansive pool of potential renters. While occupancy rate can definitely be an issue for some unpopular buildings, Bangkok’s Central Business District tends to benefit from a health and constant rental market throughout the year!

Rental yields generally average between 6-8% in Bangkok’s Business District. Good Condominiums, are always in high demand. The advantages of investing in new projects, is a lower maintenance cost during the tenancy as the units and its appliances are usually defect free!

Friendlier Thai Law
According to the Condominium Act, B.E. 2522 (1979), foreigners are allowed to purchase and own condominiums up to 49% of the total space of all units in that condominium on a freehold basis.  Upon purchase, foreign buyers receive the same title deed as a Thai owner would, complete with details regarding the land belonging to the condominium; the unit; the owner’s name; and official seals from the competent authorities. Buying a freehold condominium, therefore, is the ideal option for those who are looking for long-term investment with 100% ownership, and there are no rules or regulations restricting the number of properties an individual can own.

Legendary Charm
Thai Baht has been reasonably stable for a long time now and with ASEAN becoming more influential and Thailand’s economy regularly growing faster than the neighbours countries economy it does not seem like a poor risk.

Despite its rapidly advanced development, Bangkok retains much of its authenticity and charm, making life here feel like an endless holiday. Hop on a river ferry to grab brunch at a five-star hotel overlooking the Chao Praya River. Explore a winding alley for tasty street food. Sip a cocktail in the latest speakeasy in Sukhumvit. Get pampered at spas with unbeatable prices. Shop yourself out at markets and luxury malls. Pop out of town for a beach getaway a 1.5-hour drive away. Or just laze at home, where every conceivable service can be brought to your doorstep for a fraction of what you’d pay in other major cities.

Contact us now ! It’s not surprising why Bangkok property is favorable for foreign investors.


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